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Jul 2017
fall in love with jones...

We’ve got the perfect selection of gifts for your special someone this Valentines day!

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Be my valentine

jones loves...Pashmak Persian fairy floss

Get romantic in the kitchen!

From the cheese room

Be my valentine

Prestat - By Appointment To Her Majesty The Queen as Purveyors of Chocolates.

Heart of chocolates

A seductive chocolate selection of 26 of Prestat's most popular dark, milk and white handcrafted chocolates, marzipans, fudges, toffees, nougats and nutty clusters. Enjoy them together! "Melt with desire"- Vogue

Champagne truffles

Chocolate and champagne provide the ideal gift to celebrate life's most important occasions or simply for private moments of self-indulgence. "Exquisite, rich and dangerously moreish." - The Independent

1950_large_romantic_heart_chocolates_box.jpg 1831_champagne_truffles_chocolates.jpg

jones loves...Pashmak Persian fairy floss

"Pashmak" is the persian word for hand-made persian fairy floss, which comes in six flavours, rose, saffron, pistachio, vanilla, orange blossom and chocolate.This fabulous fairy floss is unique, simple, elegant and delicious. Use it as a garnish to elevate your favorite dessert to masterchef quality. It literally melts in your mouth. As seen in Australia's best restaurants and on MasterChef!


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Get romantic in the kitchen!

For a truely intimate dining experience, we've prepared a delicious 5 course dinner for 2 for you to cook at home and impress your loved one on valentines day.

Entree: Goats cheese bruschetta with a walnut and strawberry salad

Main: Rissotto aux truffles

Dessert: Vanilla bean panna cotta with a rosewater syrup

Cheese: Brie with Fine Cheese Co fig paste and dried sour cherries served with a crusty baguette 

Earl grey tea infused truffles


The complete recipe pack and products are available in all jones the grocer stores.

From the cheese room

English Cheddar 

Try English cheddar with the Fine Cheese Co. Chilli crackers or Mustard and Black Pepper oat digestives – designed to compliment the unique characteristics of a mature English cheddar.

The subtle spiciness of chilli or black pepper contrasts well with the buttery, sharp flavour of the cheddar, allowing the full complexity of flavour to shine. For a traditional ploughmans lunch, pair with a fruit or onion relish, fresh crusty bread and fresh butter.

Enjoy matched with a hearty red wine such as Merlot, or an oaky Chardonnay.

 crackers_005.jpg mustard_cur.jpg

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