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At jones the grocer our enthusiasm for quality food products provide you with an individual gourmet experience each time you visit one of our stores. We pride ourselves on our ability to gather and select the finest ingredients.and products from local and international suppliers.

Where possible these ingredients are free of any additives or preservatives, created by specialist artisans that care as much about making their products as we do serving them to you. We believe that these products taste so much better and what you see on the shelf we also serve you in our cafes.


Our suppliers

There is only one person that cares equally as much about the quality of our products as we do – our suppliers. Seeking suppliers whose products use only the freshest possible, local ingredients, free of additives, artificial colours and preservatives we support predominantly farmhouse producers, motivated by genuine quality, that specialise in their field.  


Our products

The shelves at each jones the grocer store are always filled with every type of wonderful ingredient – attesting to our ongoing commitment to give you, the customer, exactly what you are looking for each time you visit. From a quick midweek meal to finding exactly the right proscuitto for your antipasto platter, jones the grocer is able to give what you need for any culinary endeavor.