Jones the Grocer The Old Groendal Cheese Tower

Serves 150 - 180
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tall and regal, the old groendal 6 tier cheese tower is stunningly beautiful, glamorous and perfect for large celebrations of 150 - 180 people, constructed of artisan cheeses and the perfect accompaniments. this cheese tower deconstructs to a delicious grazing table for everyone to enjoy.

the cheese layers (from top to bottom tier) include:

reblochon de savoie: this mild raw milk cheese from the savoie region, with a saffron  yellow rind is produced using the same methods that have been honoured  for hundreds of years. the milk is only from three local breeds, abondance,  montbéliard and tarine and the production is in a precise location, which  develops a nutty, mild flavor. these methods are guaranteed as reblochon received the AOC seal in 1976.

pecorino moliterno al tartufo: pecorino moliterno al tartufo is a raw sheep’s milk cheese shot through with thick veins of truffle. It is made from 100% ewe’s milk with black summer truffles. During the maturation period, the wheels are rubbed with vinegar and local olive oil. These flavours, combined with the delicate taste of truffle, spread throughout the cheese, balancing the rich earthy notes of the sheep milk.

roquefort cantorel dopthis most luxurious of blue cheeses is made from unpasteurized milk from the lacaune breed of sheep. lacaune sheep are adapted to the harsh climates of southern france. cantorel strives to maintain authentic artisan recipes in its cheese making, and lacaune sheep's milk is one of the most important ingredients due to its characteristics. roquefort cantorel is a delicate, savoury cheese with greenish-blue mould which gives it a slight spiciness. its dop status is afforded because it can only be made in this region of southern france.

stinking bishopstinking bishop is a full fat pasteurised cow's milk soft cheese made by charles martell & son since 1972 at their laurel farm in dymock, england. milk of rare gloucester cattle is used to produce the cheese though sometimes their milk is mixed with the milk of friesian cattle. the soft creaminess of stinking bishop is perfect for spreading on crunchy biscuits and crackers with some chutney. our favourite has to be fennel and thyme crackers for pungent cheese. 

cornish kernthis buttery cheese comes with caramel notes and a deep savoury aroma. it develops an excellent black wax coat after fully matured for over 16 months. the cheese is originally derived from a gouda-style cheese, but with added alpine starter cultures to give it individuality. suitable for vegetarians.

old groendalthis cheese is traditionally called brokkeloud roeselare, but they decided no one outside of belgium and the netherlands would be able to pronounce it. each wheel is matured for at least 18 months before sale. the flavours are full bodied with and mature with a little sharp caramel edge, and the texture is dense with a lovely crystallisation and some creaminess breaking down that pop like candy with every bite. suitable for vegetarians.

cheese accompaniments include: fresh fruit, jones sweet preserved, crispbread, crackers, jones jam & jones confit.

accessories include: jones cheese board, jones cheese knife set, horn spoons and fresh flowers 

storage information: refrigerate cheese tower until needed, then indulge

delivery and assembly included

21 days lead time from order date to deliver and assembly date.
for bespoke cheese towers, please call 800 JONES or email us at

serves 150 - 180 people. perfect for large celebrations.

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