barbecue station

We bring you a flamed, seasoned, and smoked BBQ experience for any occasion. We’ll take care of everything right down to the last detail. Our fiery flame grilled experiences begin from as little as AED 175 per person, for a minimum of 10 people.  

Get in touch with us on or call 800 56637


pizza station

Enjoy our all-new live pizza stations for home gatherings! No longer will you have to settle for pre-made pizzas that lack that personal touch! Jones the Grocer brings the excitement of an artisan pizza kitchen right to your doorstep.

Simply sit back, relax, and allow our talented chef to showcase their skills as they expertly bake a variety of delectable pizzas, each one customized to your preferences. From the timeless classic Margherita to our signature creations, each pizza is meticulously handcrafted with precision and passion.

Adult package: AED 189 per person - comfortably caters to 10 people, includes a hand-tossed dough made with “00 flour” and semolina for a light and fluffy result, a choice of three mouthwatering pizza flavours, two canape boxes, and one mini desserts box.

pizza flavours for adults: 

• Margarita 

• The fun guy ( truffle mushroom )

• Goat cheese and pumpkin 

• Tiger jones (prawns) 

• Italian stallion (wagyu peppercorn)

• Garden bound (smoked chicken breasts, asparagus) 

• The buffalo (mozzarella) 

• Quadrado (4 cheeses)

Kids package: AED 159 per kid. Featuring a freshly made base, a kids apron and a chef hat, children can unleash their creativity by selecting from three tempting pizza flavours. In addition, they will be treated to one mini hot dog box and one mini dessert box.


pizza flavours for kids: 

• Margarita pizza 

• Bacon and feta pizza

• Turkey ham & pineapple 

• BBQ smoked chicken pizza 

• Kids smore pizza ( marshmallow) 

• Kids banoffee pizza

To book your Live Pizza Station experience, please contact our dedicated events team at 800JONES.