Meet the artisans – Mount Zero & Asterisk Kitchen

All over the world the livelihood of artisan food producers is imperiled by the precipitous slowdown in restaurants, delis, hotels, specialist wholesalers and retailers. Jones the Grocer remains steadfast to their commitment to farmhouse artisan cheeses made using milk from the farmer’s own herds, to skilled small batch makers recreating magical food using inter-generational recipes and to every passionate producer committed to eking out fantastic flavor from their patch of earth.

Kassem Younes, General Manager, Victorian Government Trade and Investment office saidIt is pleasing to see that Jones the Grocer remains committed to celebrating the makers and supplying beautiful food experiences and produce, even during these times. The addition of Asterisk Kitchen and inclusion of Mount Zero products to their range is a clear sign that Australian and Victorian artisan food exporters are recognized for their passion, creativity and using exceptional local ingredients.”

Yunib Siddiqui, CEO of Jones the Grocer said: “Over the last eleven years our commitment to artisan food is unquestionable and now, more than ever, we need to celebrate the makers who, with every ounce of passion and integrity, make incredible artisan food. Our food has a story and every story has a beginning and we begin with where we began – with Australia!”

Asterisk Kitchen

Asterisk kitchen is helmed by award winning pâtissier Younes Khazour in Croydon, Melbourne. Younes’ biscuits and confectionary reflect his training in France’s Loire Valley, his gastronomic experience in Melbourne’s finest restaurants, his deep love for artisan food and his use of the purest local ingredients which render his products naturally gluten free, vegan and free of artificial ingredients.

Asterisk Kitchen’s range of Lavosh, a flatbread style of biscuit inspired by the Armenian tradition are now available at Jones the Grocer in three flavors – Fennel and Thyme, Charcoal and Coconut, and blush Beetroot. Grissini, a breadstick originating in Italy but now lavished with Younes’ attention, takes on a crisp new meaning in flavors like Activated Charcoal and Sesame, Kalamata and Rosemary, and Carrot and Cumin.

Asterisk Kitchen’s sweet cat’s tongue biscuits, or Langue de Chat as they are known in France due to their shape resembling a cat’s tongue, are deliciously crumbly delicate biscuits which are naturally gluten free. Tastier than traditional wheat-based recipes these biscuits are satisfying with a cup of tea or a coffee, used as a spoon with a scoop of Jones the Grocer’s ice cream or just on their own. Langue de Chat is available in five gorgeous flavors including Matcha Green Tea, Chocolate, and Vanilla and Almond.

Asterisk kitchen’s products are gluten free, dairy free, vegan, non GMO and above all free of artificial ingredients.  More information regarding the Asterisk Kitchen range can be found here on

Mount Zero

Mount Zero olive grove is one of the oldest groves in Australia’s province of Victoria with over 6000 Manzanilla and Gordal olive trees located on the base of the Grampians’ northern most summit– Mount Zero. The grove, owned by Jane and Neil Seymour, is self-sustaining, bio-

dynamic, powered by wind and solar energy. The Seymours dreamed of a simpler life and from this dream emerged one of Victoria’s great success stories.

Jones the Grocer now stocks the much acclaimed Mount Zero Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This fragrant olive oil is desired by Australia’s top chefs as a delicate garnish which leaves a lingering woody smokey aftertaste without the fuss of smoking. In addition to this Jones the Grocer also carries the Rosemary Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a range of Mount Zero Pink and White Salts infused with locally grown Pepper Berry and Chili.

The Salts are presented in grinders for easy use. Last, but not least Jones the Grocer stores will also carry the Mount Zero’s famous Kalamata Olives and a Mount Zero Tapenade. All Mount Zero products are beautifully packaged with ease of use in mind.

More information regarding the Mount Zero Range can be found here on Both Mount Zero and Asterisk Kitchen products like much of what we stock is exclusive to Jones the Grocer’s stores.

asterisk kitchen

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