home cooking recipes – puy lentil & rosemary pasta

We love angel hair pasta because it absorbs flavour while holding the dish beautifully together like a solid foundation. The beauty of this pasta is also its versatility, how it lends itself selflessly (almost) to bring out the best in everything else. Here, Puy lentils and local kale with their earthy, peppery flavour are stoked by fresh herbs and a dash of vinegar; cherry tomatoes and Belos vegan chili and tomato jam to form a softly sweet and spicy base. What are you waiting for? Get cooking!



100ml Olive Oil
200g Sabarot Le Puy green

water for boiling
Maldon salt
1 sprig fresh rosemary
few sprigs of thyme
half a lemon zested and juiced

500g cherry tomatoes
3 crushed garlic cloves
45ml De Nigris apple cider

Maldon salt
Montosco pepper
dried chili flakes
375g Seggiano organic angel
hair spaghetti

25g Belos tomato chili jam
45g butter (optional)
80g finely shredded organic
local kale
1 bunch fresh basil – roughly
50g Yarra Valley Persian fetta
30g toasted pine nuts


Add the lentils to Maldon salted boiling water. Cook for 20-25 minutes until al dente. Drain the lentils and keep to one side. Zest and juice lemon, crush garlic, shred kale and chop basil. Heat a large pan over medium heat. Add olive oil, lentils, thyme and rosemary and cook over a medium heat until lentils start to brown. Add lemon zest and juice. Cook until juice is evaporated – about 10

Remove from pan and drain on a paper towel. Season the mixture. Boil In a separate pan, the Maldon salted water. Add spaghetti and cook for 6-7 minutes until al dente. Keep aside a cupful of boiled pasta water for use later.

Add cherry tomatoes, crushed garlic, chili flakes, salt and pepper in the pan used for the lentils over a high heat. Cook
for 5 minutes until the tomatoes start to char and turn juicy. Turn heat down to low. Add vinegar, tomato and chili jam and
a little leftover pasta water. Simmer for 10 minutes, until the
sauce turns into a sticky jam.

Combine the cooked pasta, basil, and kale and toss. If you need to, add some extra pasta water to thin the sauce out. If using butter, toss now with the pasta. Divide the pasta among plates. Top with the Persian feta (if using), crispy lentils, rosemary, thyme and lemon. Finally finish with toasted pine nuts. Enjoy!

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