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One Off Artisan Cheese Box
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treat yourself or a friend to a tantalizing artisan cheese box.

* 4 exclusive, hand-picked seasonal cheeses, perfectly balanced with super stars and hidden gems along with one accompaniment to  match your cheese - serves up to 6 people.

* each delivery includes cheese notes featuring cheese pairs and care instructions along with a welcome letter.

* free delivery.

the cheese selections for the month are:

bath blue - a modern classic of the british farmhouse cheesemaking, made by simon jones and team at ulceby grange, alford. made with organic milk from the cheesemaker's, family-run farm, bath blue cheese is produced by following a traditional stilton recipe. it is creamy, with even blueing throughout. nestled in the mendip hills, park farm has been home to the padfield family for four generations. cheese was made here as far back as 1914. all the cheeses are made on the farm using milk from the family’s organic friesian herd. bath blue follows a traditional stilton recipe but unlike the majority of stiltons, with a few notable exceptions, each stage is done entirely by hand. they are made in very small batches using a vat which is around half the size of even the smallest stilton maker and then in individual buckets. by making to such a small scale, the cheesemaker has greater control over the alchemy of cheese-making and can maintain the highest quality. 

blanche - who knew a log of goats’ cheese could be so appealing! sporting a wrinkly alabaster coat, underneath which lies a smooth paste that is delicate and creamy - there is no doubt that blanche is a sensuous little cheese. at two weeks old, there’s a perfumed aroma of dark forest honey on the nose, which carries over in the final flavour - think honeysuckle, herbs and a peppery tingle. the cheese intensifies as it matures but still retains it’s texture making it perfect for slicing and grilling. try it with a belgian-style wheat beer, such as camden ale’s gentlemen’s wit, which is shot through with notes of coriander and earl grey tea. the fragrant spice and gentle carbonation lifts the cheese to exciting new heights.

westcombe cheddar -cheddar has been made at westcombe farm since the late 19th century. after dabbling briefly in the manufacture of block cheddar in the 1970s, richard calver decided in 1999 to return to producing clothbound cheese. when richard's son tom joined the business, he brought with him a chef's training and experience of working in neal's yard dairy. tom set about examining every aspect of its process, from the quality of the milk to building a new maturing cave. this project commenced in 2014 and uses technology from france and includes the uk's first cheese-turning robot named tina. there was no precedent for using cheese-turning robots on clothbound cheese, so the calvers took a leap of faith to commission the project.

st. jude - is made by julie cheyney in suffolk, from the milk of the same montbéliard herd that provides the milk for jonny crickmore’s baron bigod. julie first started making cheese in 2005, when she and stacey hedges created tunworth. julie is so concerned about the quality of her milk that, when she heard on a radio 4 program about the work that jonny crickmore was doing at fen farm, she had to investigate further. once julie had got to know more about the crickmores, she took the decision to move her business and life from hampshire to suffolk, in pursuit of the best milk that she could find. julie uses the milk, still warm, from the first cows into the dairy parlour, to be transformed into this delicate, rich, dense, and creamy cheese. she believes that cheese should be made slowly and gently, and so every step in the process of producing this lactic set cheese is performed by hand. the cheese is worth the wait: a thin, wrinkled coat, sometimes with a delicate cream line underneath, encases the rich core. the taste is delicate but complex, with a lingering finish.

includes a sweet preserve accompaniment. 

storage information: refrigerate cheese box until needed, then indulge.

serve them up at your next party, send them to a friend, or pair with some sweet accompaniments and crackers for a true taste of jones best.

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