Nuova Simonelli Oscar ll

Coffee Machine
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oscar ll is a high performance machine due to professional  components like the filter holder, the temperature  compensated group and the high productivity steam wand. added to this are technical and ergonomic features to simplify its use, as with the push and pull steam lever and the soft-touch backlit control panel.

among the new features of oscar ll is to the extensive use of stainless steel that immediately shows strength and solidity, as well as enhancing the machine. minimal design ensures the machine fits in different types of environment.

just 32 cm wide and thanks to the stainless steel body, oscar ll is suitable for all small spaces, in a kitchen, a coffee corner, an office or a bed & breakfast to guarantee guests taste very high quality coffee. oscar ll, is available with a direct attachment to the water supply or with a tank which makes it a convenient plug-and-play machine.

preparing a single cup of coffee

1) after having set up the machine, check that the single-cup filter is set in the filter holder.

2) fill the coffee measure flush.

3) place the coffee into the single-cup filter.

4) using the press, compact the coffee uniformly.

5) clean the edge of the filter.

6) rotating the filter holder, insert it into the attachment until it is tight.

7) position the cup under the spout.

8) press the coffee dispensing button, light goes on and coffee starts filling the cup.

9) once the desired level has been reached, press button to stop the flow and light goes off.

10)note: if the unit is to be used frequently the coffee can be left in the filter until the next serving. if it is not used frequently, empty out the filter and clean it.

11)at this point you have finished preparing of a single cup of coffee.

how to produce steam

1) when maneuvering the steam nozzle you must use the insulated potholder.

2) after having set up the machine, clean the steam nozzle with a cloth dipped in hot water.

3) make certain that the spout of the nozzle is within the grill.

4) gradually open the steam knob carefully and keep it open until any drops of hot water that may be inside the nozzle comes out, only when steam comes out of the nozzle, move it with the insulating holder and insert it into the liquid you want to heat.

6) use knob to adjust the steam as needed. Keep the nozzle in the liquid while regulating the steam.

7) once the liquid has been heated, close the steam knob and remove the nozzle from the heated liquid.

8) use a cloth dipped in hot water to clean any residues of the heated liquid from the steam nozzle spout.

9) you have finished heating the liquid

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